Production Employee Information


Each quarter, The Jacobson Group mails letters to employees whose name and/or social security number do not coincide with social security administration records. Incorrect names or numbers can affect future eligibility, and /or benefits under the social security retirement, disability and survivors program. Please notify us in writing to correct social security information. The name on your social security card and the name on your paycheck must match. Correction requests should include a copy of your social security card and may be returned to us by mail, faxed to 310-444-5256 or emailed to


  • Any injuries must be reported to us within 24 hours. The production company must verify all injuries with The Jacobson Group. We handle Workers’ Compensation coverage for all US and productions abroad.
  • We take charge of all claim reporting and claim management, relieving you of any additional overhead to handle these matters.
  • We supply proof of Workers’ Compensation coverage necessary for all productions and locations.
  • We work with our clients and risk management specialists to help you make your workplace safe.


Tax levies, wage garnishments, earnings withholding orders and child support deductions are initiated when The Jacobson Group is served by an official party (IRS, state department of taxation, district attorney, etc.). If you believe you have satisfied your obligation, contact the agency in question and request that a release be forwarded to The Jacobson Group.


The Jacobson Group verifies earnings for home loan applications or other employee-authorized credit checks. Your financial institution provides the form that must contain your signature authorizing The Jacobson Group to release requested information. Earnings verification requests should be mailed to The Jacobson Group employee services department or faxed to 310-444-5256.


The Jacobson Group protects employee confidentially. Duplicate W-2s or 1099s are mailed to the address on file. If your address has changed, requests must be made in writing and faxed to 310-444-5256, emailed to or mailed to The Jacobson Group. Please include current address and social security number.