How do Guild
Contributions work?

Historical questions concerning union benefits (pension, health and welfare, etc.) paid by The Jacobson Group on your behalf should be addressed to your union.

What if my paycheck
gets lost or stolen before
it is cashed?

If your paycheck is lost or stolen, call us right away. For residual checks, first contact the relevant guild and, if necessary, follow up with The Jacobson Group HR Department (

Where can I get a Contract
Service Letter?

The Jacobson Group will confirm time worked via a Contract Service Letter for all days payrolled through any Jacobson Group-affiliated company. Download a Contract Services Letter Request on this site from the FORMS page.

What if I have a change
of address or change in

Submit changes of address or changes in withholding to production office personnel or directly to The Jacobson Group. A new W-4 Form will need to be filled out. Please be sure to include social security number, signature and the date. To correct files for prior work, please send changes in writing to The Jacobson Group employee services department.